Wilmington Fatal Truck Accident Attorneys

After a fatal car accident, at least two legal areas should be explored:

  • Accident reconstruction to determine liability
  • Wrongful death claims

Wilmington Wrongful Death Lawyer Will Respect Your Family's Privacy

Christina Rivenbark & Associates is prepared to assist your family as soon after a fatal car accident or any type of accident resulting in death in North Carolina. We understand your family's need for privacy after the sudden loss of a loved one. Based on our extensive experience handling wrongful death claims, we have developed respectful ways of working closely with families of people who are killed in accidents such as:

We Can Use Evidence Of Liability To Build A Strong Case In Your Favor

Accident reconstruction helps an experienced personal injury lawyer begin to uncover evidence of negligence. Was the car accident a result of another motorist's traffic violation, distraction or impaired state? Was it because of bad roadway design? Was it because of a defective car part? The sooner we begin representing your family after a fatal car wreck, the greater chances we will have to discover the true cause and the more opportunities you will have for a successful outcome.

Was Your Family Member Killed In A Car Wreck? Our Law Firm Offers Free Consultations. You Will Owe No Attorneys' Fees Until You Recover Compensation.

We are ready to make a difference for your family through our determined advocacy after you have lost a loved one in a fatal car accident. Our personal injury lawyers deliver honest guidance based on deep experience — and you will pay no attorney fees unless we succeed in obtaining compensation for you. Take the first step toward recovery today when you contact us at 910-338-9813 for a free consultation with a Wilmington fatal car accidents lawyer.