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Possession of Bath Salts

Wilmington Bath Salts Possession Defense Lawyer

Many of the chemicals found in bath salts are now Schedule I controlled substances, based on recently enacted North Carolina law. Schedule I controlled substances come with a real possibility of jail time and are generally charged as a felony – just for first offense possession.

As with any change in the law, law enforcement authorities can overstep their bounds when it comes to those who are accused of drug possession. People still aren’t sure what to do with bath salts. Unlike marijuana possession, bath salts possession is a new concept in criminal law.

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North Carolina Has Banned Bath Salts

Anyone can find themselves facing a drug charge. It all depends on what the government decides to make illegal. In 2011 the North Carolina legislature banned one common chemical found in bath salts, effectively outlawing bath salts for recreational drug use. Prior to the ban, certain types of these bath salts were available to buy in stores.

Bath salts are typically made of the chemical methylenedioxypyrovalerone (“MDPV”). Bath salts are known to produce a stimulant effect similar to cocaine. Like cocaine, MDPV can cause a range of physical and psychological harm in the human body, leading lawmakers like those in North Carolina and in many other states to ban one or more of the chemicals found in bath salts.

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