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National Speed Trap Exchange Helps Motorists Avoid Tickets

We all know that there are places police officers stake out looking for speeders. Most of the time, those places are on roads that traffic naturally flows faster than the posted limit. Now the National Speed Trap Exchange provides drivers a place to list those speed traps and help others avoid unnecessary tickets.

The consequences of speeding tickets and other traffic violations can be more severe than a simple fine. Second and third tickets can lead to revoked licenses, and every speeding ticket has the potential to make your insurance rates go up. The new Speed Trap Exchange can help drivers in North Carolina and throughout the country avoid these consequences.

Wilmington is among the North Carolina cities listed on the site. In New Hanover County, more than 10,000 people were issued speeding tickets in 2009. The spokeswoman for the National Motorists Association (the group that sponsors the National Speed Trap Exchange) says that many of those drivers "could have just been unlucky that day and have got a ticket [they] don't deserve."

Of course, police officers and public officials for New Hanover County say people who get tickets at speed traps are not victims. One officer said speed traps are geared toward making people obey traffic laws.

Regardless of the intent of speed traps, they do lead to many traffic tickets. The new speed trap exchange will hopefully help some drivers avoid unnecessary speeding tickets and the consequences that come with them.

Source: StarNewsOnline, "Motorists vent frustration on speed-trap website," Brian Freskos, 26 Sept 2010

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