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Another Reason Not to Simply Pay That Speeding Ticket

Every day, dozens of people are pulled over for speeding in Wilmington, North Carolina. Many of those drivers are issued speeding tickets, and too often, they simply pay the tickets. Drivers should know that contesting speeding tickets can turn out in their favor.

Earlier this week, it was announced that many people who were recently given speeding tickets might have a good shot at having the tickets dismissed. Every police officer using a radar gun to catch speeders must be certified to use that particular device. The sheriff's department admitted that deputies have recently issued speeding tickets based on radar readings from guns they were not certified to use.

The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office purchased new radar guns. According to the department spokesman, the company said that the officers did not need to be recertified to use the new guns because they are an upgraded version of radar guns the department was previously using. That advice turned out to be wrong.

Radar gun certification involves attending a four-hour class. Every sheriff's deputy who uses a radar gun is required to be certified for the particular radar gun he or she is using. All of the deputies became certified for the new radar guns after the state of North Carolina discovered the problem and notified them.

Drivers everywhere have experienced dread at seeing a police officer pointing a radar gun at their vehicle. We know that the radar reading is often the reason the driver is pulled over and issued a speeding ticket. This week's announcement calls into question many of those traffic tickets.

Drivers who were issued speeding tickets recently in the Wilmington area should carefully consider contesting the ticket. Chances are good that the radar reading was the sheriff's deputy's only justification for issuing the ticket. If that's the case, drivers would likely be able to successfully have the ticket dismissed.

Source:, "Confusion over radar certification could affect speeding tickets," Chris Allen, 12 Oct 2010

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