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North Carolina Adults Face Charges Related to Underage Drinking

In August, a 20-year-old boy attended a party. After leaving the party, he crashed his BMW into a house in Raleigh. The driver died, and a passenger was seriously injured. Police officers determined that the driver, who was under the age of 21, was intoxicated at the time of the accident.

Last week, a North Carolina man and woman were charged with providing alcohol for the party the boy attended.

Underage drinking laws do not only impact young people. Many of North Carolina's laws target adults over the age of 21 who provide alcohol to individuals who are underage. We have all heard about sting operations at bars and restaurants, but it is less often that we hear about parents facing charges related to underage drinking.

Last August's party was hosted by an 18-year-old girl. Her mother and another man have now been charged by North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement officers. ALE agents say that the two adults purchased alcohol and provided it to the minor party-goers.

The 18-year old hostess for the party is also facing underage drinking charges related to her own possession of alcohol, providing alcohol for other underage drinkers and buying liquor while under age.

The three people now accused of crimes related to underage drinking will face an uphill battle to protect their rights. The publicity surrounding the fatal car crash has painted the people who provided the alcohol as being responsible for the driver's death. In truth, the 20-year-old boy was responsible for his own actions.

Source:, "Adults charged with providing alcohol before fatal crash," Adam Owens, 5 Oct 2010

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