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North Carolina Drivers Be Warned Near School Zones and Busses

Every year, the North Carolina Highway Patrol spends two weeks focusing on issuing traffic tickets for drivers in school zones and near school busses. They call the initiative Operation Stop Arm. This year's program started on October 18 and runs through this coming Friday.

State troopers will be out in force near North Carolina schools and even following school busses in an attempt to catch drivers in the act of speeding, breaking the stop arm law or other traffic violations.

The statewide Operation Stop Arm initiative will likely result in many traffic tickets to drivers who would normally slide under the radar. Already this year, state troopers followed 21 school busses and issued 54 traffic tickets for a variety of violations. Those charges included speeding, safety violations and driving with a revoked license.

Some traffic violations such as driving with a revoked license are actually treated as misdemeanor criminal charges. Something that started as a simple traffic stop can lead to a criminal record and have a serious impact on your life. That is why it is so important to present a strong defense against every traffic violations charge against you.

As this year's Operation Stop Arm continues, drivers should be particularly careful near school zones and by school busses. Recent national school bus accidents have brought this issue even more attention. Police officers throughout the state will be less likely to issue warnings to drivers who they believe have violated the Stop Arm Law or committed some other traffic violation near a school zone.

Source: Rocky Mountain Telegram, "Troopers watch school zones, bus routes," Brie Handgraaf, 26 Oct 2010

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