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Panthers Wide Receiver Charged With DWI Again

Anyone can be charged with drunk driving, even sports stars. Early this morning, police officers pulled Dwayne Jarrett, a wide receiver with the Carolina Panthers. Jarrett was originally stopped for speeding and was later charged with driving while impaired (DWI).

Jarrett pleaded guilty to similar charges in 2008. Because the current drunk driving charges are a second offense, the penalties for a conviction will likely be much more severe. Jarrett will need to present a strong defense to protect his driving privileges and his rights.

Two years ago, police officers claimed that Jarrett crossed the center line and ran a red light. That traffic stop led to a DWI arrest when police officers determined that Jarrett's blood alcohol content was .12. North Carolina's legal limit is .08 BAC. The 2008 charges led to a $420 fine and community service.

That brings us to around two o'clock this morning. Jarrett was stopped for speeding on Interstate 77 in Charlotte. When he refused to take a breath test, police officers arrested him for drunk driving. According to the spokesman for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police department, the results of Jarrett's blood test will not be available for weeks. However, the spokesman for the Mecklenburg County District Court said that his first court appearance is scheduled for tomorrow.

Second and third drunk driving arrests always carry harsher sentences than first-time DWI convictions. The criminal consequences of this arrest could be much more serious than the 2008 penalties.

It is unclear what effect, if any, the new charges will have on Jarrett's football career. The Panthers' spokesman said that the team is "aware and gathering more information" about the arrest.

Source:, "Another DWI charge for Panters WR Dwayne Jarrett," Mike Cranston, 5 Oct 2010

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