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Suspected Drug Trafficking From North Carolina to West Virginia

State Troopers in West Virginia arrested two men this week and accused them of trafficking marijuana between North Carolina and West Virginia. The two men are brothers who are originally from Florida. They are currently living in West Virginia.

As with many drug charges, the accusations against these brothers began with a different drug investigation by the police.  It is unclear what aspects of the previous investigation caused them to consider the brothers as suspects. However, that investigation led the officers to search the brothers' home and arrested them for multiple drug charges.

The West Virginia State Police says that they obtained a search warrant for the brothers' home because they believed that the men were trafficking drugs between the North Carolina and West Virginia. Troopers allege that they found one and a half pounds of marijuana along with three loaded guns when they went to the home.

The case against the men is built on this evidence. Both brothers are facing multiple criminal charges, including:

Possession with intent to deliver marijuana
Conspiracy to commit a felony
Trafficking of a controlled substance into West Virginia with the intent to deliver

One brother was also charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm because he had previously been convicted for felony drug possession in Florida.

These charges can carry serious consequences, including jail time. The brothers are currently being held in jail. Bond was set at $100,000 for each of the men.

Source:, "Police bust two brothers for pot," Register-Herald Reporter, 6 Oct 2010

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