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November 2010 Archives

Feds Target Incense and Potpourri That Mimics Marijuana

Certain types of incense and potpourri have seen sales skyrocket in recent months. The products are sprayed with a chemical that, if smoked, can have a similar effect as marijuana.

North Carolina State Police Targeting Speeders Over Thanksgiving

More people travel during Thanksgiving than any other holiday of the year. More drivers will be on the roads during this coming weekend than during Christmas or the Fourth of July. And those drivers can be sure that North Carolina police officers will be waiting to catch them speeding.

FDA Bans Four Loko and Other Alcoholic Energy Drinks

Drinks like Four Loko and Joose have been recently been blamed for underage binge drinking. Most notably, Washington State banned the caffeinated alcoholic drinks after nine underage college students were hospitalized with alcohol poisoning after drinking the beverages.

Sheriff Gets Special Treatment Until He Asks for Traffic Ticket

Last week, the Sheriff in Forsyth County, North Carolina, ran a red light. He crashed into a pickup truck, which in turn hit another vehicle. The sheriff immediately admitted that he was a fault, but the police officer at the scene did not issue him a traffic ticket.

National Consequences of Prop 19 Failure

People have been arguing that marijuana should be legal in the United States for decades. Last week, California voters once again took up the idea. Proposition 19 on the ballot sought to legalize recreational marijuana use. Unfortunately for supporters, the measure failed by about seven percent of the vote.

Underage Drinkers From North Carolina Arrested in Rhode Island

21 is the legal drinking age in every state. Young people who are under age and get caught drinking anywhere run the risk of being arrested for underage drinking. Last weekend, Rhode Island police arrested 30 young people for just that. And only six of them were from Rhode Island.

Police Arrest 12 in Leland During Halloween Weekend Checkpoint

Holiday weekends often have what police officers refer to as "heightened DWI enforcement." Halloween was no exception. Between additional patrols and checkpoints, officers throughout North Carolina arrested many people and issued tickets to many more.

North Carolina Doctor's Life in Ruins After Fatal DWI Crash

This week, a trial begins that will determine the fate of a North Carolina doctor who was accused of causing a crash that killed a young woman last year. Police officers and prosecutors have alleged that the 43-year-old man was driving drunk and speeding when he crashed into another car.