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FDA Bans Four Loko and Other Alcoholic Energy Drinks

Drinks like Four Loko and Joose have been recently been blamed for underage binge drinking. Most notably, Washington State banned the caffeinated alcoholic drinks after nine underage college students were hospitalized with alcohol poisoning after drinking the beverages.

Today, regulators from the United States Food and Drug Administration sent letters to companies that manufacture these kinds of drinks stating that they are unsafe. This move is one of many by the administration aimed at targeting underage drinking.

It is no secret that college students often drink alcohol. What is rarely said is that many college students are 21 or older. Those students can legally drink alcoholic beverages, but their younger counterparts often face serious consequences if they are caught drinking.

After some states banned the highly caffeinated and alcoholic drinks, the FDA decided to follow suit. The four companies that manufacture Four Loko, Joose, Moonshot and Core High Gravity received letters from the FDA today stating that these companies are violating federal law.

In response to the letter, Phusion Projects LLC, which manufactures Four Loko, said that they will stop including caffeine in the fruity alcoholic drinks. The company's statement expressed frustration with the "difficult and politically charged regulatory environment" that led to their decision.

The FDA's decision will have an impact on the many young people who enjoy the drinks. Although this recent action is primarily directed at the companies that manufacture these drinks, it is part of a larger effort to minimize underage drinking. Young people who find themselves facing criminal charges for underage drinking should immediately contact an experienced attorney to protect their rights.

Source: Reuters, "Regulators warn on 'blackout in a can' drinks," Martinne Geller, 17 Nov 2010

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