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North Carolina State Police Targeting Speeders Over Thanksgiving

More people travel during Thanksgiving than any other holiday of the year. More drivers will be on the roads during this coming weekend than during Christmas or the Fourth of July. And those drivers can be sure that North Carolina police officers will be waiting to catch them speeding.

When you have hundreds of miles to travel, it can be tempting to drive over the speed limit. And most of the time, people get away with it. But during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, the North Carolina Highway Patrol says that officers will be targeting speeders and issuing traffic tickets.

The heightened police attention to speeding will begin officially this Wednesday evening at 6 o'clock and go through Sunday a midnight. During that time, people who are travelling on North Carolina roads should be careful to watch their speed.

The Commander of the North Carolina State Patrol said that he has told State Troopers that they should "crack down on speeders this holiday weekend." Drivers can be sure that police officers will be quick to pull them over if they are suspected of speeding.

A speeding ticket can quickly ruin a weekend and has other potential consequences. Speeding tickets can carry hefty fines, and they can make your insurance rates skyrocket. Drivers who are pulled over and ticketed during the Thanksgiving holiday may be wise to fight the ticket. By challenging a speeding ticket, you may be able to minimize the consequences or even have it withdrawn.

Source: ABC Local News, "Troopers: Thanksgiving holiday weekend is the deadliest," 22 Nov 2010

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