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Underage Drinkers From North Carolina Arrested in Rhode Island

21 is the legal drinking age in every state. Young people who are under age and get caught drinking anywhere run the risk of being arrested for underage drinking. Last weekend, Rhode Island police arrested 30 young people for just that. And only six of them were from Rhode Island.

The others, including young adults from North Carolina, were allegedly drinking alcohol at the Fish Company Bar & Grill in Providence, Rhode Island. They were unlucky enough to be enjoying themselves in the restaurant when the Rhode Island police decided to conduct a sting operation at the establishment.

For the young adults from North Carolina, the arrest could have serious consequences. Not only will they face having a criminal record, the charges could impact their scholarships and driver's licenses as well as lead to other penalties here in North Carolina.

In many states, this kind of operation is aimed at the businesses that serve underage drinkers. However, in this situation, the superintendent of state police said that "no fire or business violations were found." Apparently the underage drinkers all had fake identification cards that listed them as being at least 21 years old.

Underage drinking charges are similar in every state. The Rhode Island police department arrested young people from 10 other states in last weekend's sting. It is likely that the bar did not identify the student's licenses as fake because they were from other states.

Source: Providence Journal, "30 arrested in R.I. drinking sweep," Richard C. Dujardin, 6 Nov 2010

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