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December 2010 Archives

South Carolina at Center of Speed Trap Debate, Part II

Earlier this week, we talked about the controversial speed camera in Ridgeland, South Carolina. While the question of whether or not issuing speeding tickets based on images from the camera is legal is still up in the air, drivers have voiced numerous other concerns regarding the iTraffic system on I-95.

South Carolina at Center of Speed Trap Debate, Part I

Interstate 95 runs all the way from Florida to Maine, including through both North and South Carolina. Travelers from all over the country use the highway to get from one place to another, and many of those travelers stop in the Carolinas. Now, a speed camera in Ridgeland, South Carolina, may cause those travelers to find other routes.

North Carolina Student Deaths Spur Underage Drinking Assembly

Underage drinking, and especially underage DUI, has received a lot of attention lately in North Carolina. One situation in particular has been the cause of conversations between teenagers, their parents and school administrators.

North Carolina Man Charged with Drunk and Reckless Driving

Drunk driving charges can stem from nearly any situation, especially around the holidays. Perhaps an officer sees a car swerve slightly and decides to pull the driver over. Maybe an individual causes a car accident that involves another vehicle. And even single-car accidents can lead to DWI charges. One North Carolina man found that out the hard way.

Traffic Stop Leads to Marijuana Bust in Wilmington

We have talked before about the many circumstances that can lead to drug charges. Sometimes, anonymous tips lead police officers to search a suspect's house. Other times, major investigations and sting operations are conducted to trap people who are believed to be involved in drug crimes. But many times, simple traffic stops lead to major drug crimes charges.

North Carolina Man Faces Seventh Drunk Driving Charge

One drunk driving charge can be enough to significantly impact your life. You could be held in jail, lose your driver's license for a period of time and even see your job impacted. But subsequent DWI charges can have even more serious consequences.

North Carolina College Student Arrested for Selling Marijuana

College students in their freshman year have a reputation for experimenting. After all, they've just left their parents' home to live somewhere else, likely for the first time. While certainly not all experiment with drugs like marijuana, others do.

Warning Period Is Up for North Carolina's License Plate Frame Law

People put license plate frames on their vehicles for all sorts of reasons. Some advertise favorite businesses. Others simply never take off the frame given to them by the dealer. Still others like to support their alma mater. Whatever the reason, individuals who have frames around their license plates in North Carolina now risk a $100 traffic ticket.

Drunk Driving Conviction Against North Carolina Woman Overturned

Two years ago, police officers accused a North Carolina woman of drunk and drugged driving. They said that she was impaired when she ran into an accident scene in Gastonia. That accident left one person dead and three injured. During the trial, the prosecutors successfully convinced a jury that the woman was guilty of eight charges, including drunk driving and second-degree murder.