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North Carolina College Student Arrested for Selling Marijuana

College students in their freshman year have a reputation for experimenting. After all, they've just left their parents' home to live somewhere else, likely for the first time. While certainly not all experiment with drugs like marijuana, others do.

That is why it is easy for campus and local police to target these students in their drug crimes investigations. Unfortunately, students do not always know their rights or how to defend themselves when they do find themselves facing charges like marijuana possession or distribution.

Last month, a student at North Carolina State University was arrested because police think he has been selling marijuana to other students. Campus police officers allege that they found the 18-year-old student with 71.4 grams of marijuana. They then jumped to the conclusion that he must be selling the drug from his dorm room because they also found a scale and sandwich bags.

The boy is not only facing one drug crimes charge, but three: possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a dwelling for the sale of marijuana. These charges together make the boy's situation much more serious than if he were only facing one charge for simple possession.

Criminal defense is complex. Especially when suspects are so young, it is important to seek the assistance of an attorney who understands the situation as a whole. There may be many avenues of defense in this situation, but it is unlikely that an 18-year-old college student will be able to articulate them on his own.

Source: News Observer, "N.C. State student accused of selling pot from dorm room," Staff Reports, 16 Nov 2010

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