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North Carolina Student Deaths Spur Underage Drinking Assembly

Underage drinking, and especially underage DUI, has received a lot of attention lately in North Carolina. One situation in particular has been the cause of conversations between teenagers, their parents and school administrators.

In November of this year, two parents of students at Charlotte Catholic High School were arrested for providing alcohol to teenagers at a party. That situation spurred the high school to host an assembly for parents and students on the topic of underage drinking.

The assembly included presenters who are impacted by the various issues involved with underage drinking. One student talked about a friend who died in an underage drunk driving accident. A mortician spoke about the experience of parents who find themselves choosing a casket for their teenage children after those children participate in underage drinking.

This program was unique in that parents of students at the school were required to attend the assembly with their children. The principal of the high school said he "became more aware this year, than ever, that we needed to do something to educate our parents" about the consequences and dangers of underage drinking.

The presenters were tasked with the goal of scaring the teenagers into avoiding underage drinking. The other goal of the assembly was to discourage parents from offering alcoholic beverages to underage teens.

In North Carolina, anyone under the age of 21 can suffer serious consequences because of an underage drinking conviction. And the adults who serve the alcohol face even harsher penalties. The Charlotte Catholic High School presentation drove that message home.

Source:, "Lesson on alcohol given to students, parents," Dedrick Russell, 16 Dec 2010

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