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Got a License Plate Frame? You Could Face a $100 Fine.

The warning period has expired for North Carolina drivers. Drivers who have a personalized vehicle license plate frame will now face a fine if the frame covers up the important parts of the state's license plate.

The new law actually took effect December 1, 2009. North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue signed the bill into law Aug. 8, 2009. However, from December 1, 2009 to November 30, 2010, police officers simply issued warning tickets to drivers if they caught them with a vehicle plate frames that violated the law. Now, drivers will face a ticket and $100 fine plus court costs if caught violating the law.

The law prohibits license frames that obscure any of the following information on a North Carolina license plate:

  • the plate's numbers or letters;
  • any part of the vehicle's registration renewal sticker;
  • the state name.

Check your license plates to make sure you can avoid the $100 fine and the hassle of a traffic stop and ticket.

Reasons Behind the North Carolina Law on License Frames

The bill was introduced after North Carolina police officers said that it was difficult to read and search certain license plates. "When a vehicle is moving, it is difficult sometimes to readily discern that plate...We need to be able to read it quickly," said State Highway Patrol Trooper Jeff Collins. Police Captain Jon Barnwell agrees and says the law is pertinent because the ability to see a vehicle's insurance sticker is essential in determining that the driver is up-to-date on insurance.

Only vehicles registered in North Carolina will be assessed the fine if caught violating the law.

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