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North Carolina Drivers Can't Get A Break For Out-Of-State Tickets

For those of us who are fans of the road trip, we may spend a lot of time driving outside of North Carolina. The more time we spend on the road, the more likely we are to eventually face a speeding ticket. But how are we affected by our brushes with the law when we are far away from home? Will anyone really know if we don't pay that out-of-state ticket?

Unfortunately, the answer is almost certainly yes. North Carolina is one of 45 states that have agreed to report out-of-state traffic violations to one another. Under the Driver License Compact (DLC), these 45 states report traffic violations to the home state of the driver who received it. Most of the states agree to prosecute drivers at home for the out-of-state offense.

Therefore, if you were caught speeding in another state you can be nearly certain that the North Carolina DMV will hear about it. If you have been charged with an out-of-state speeding ticket it could also affect points on your driver's license. If left unpaid, you might face license suspension.

Many states participating in the DLC handle reporting slightly differently. Some states do not report traffic violations if they are considered minor. However, a serious offense such as a DUI conviction from any state will be shared with the DMV in the driver's home state.

How out-of-state offenses affect your insurance premiums depends on the insurer. However, if the North Carolina DMV knows about your out-of-state violation your insurance carrier will eventually find out as well.

Just because a traffic violation happened in another part of the country doesn't mean that it won't affect you here at home. It is important to contest these out-of-state violations before they negatively affect your driving record and your insurance rates.

Source: Fox Business News online, "Out-of-State Speeding Tickets Follow You Home," Penny Gusner, 15 March 2011

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