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North Carolina public official recently convicted of DUI

North Carolina's DUI enforcement is tough, and no one is considered above the law. The recent conviction of a prominent public official is proof that North Carolina authorities take DUI charges seriously.

Earlier this month the mayor of Raleigh was found guilty of three charges stemming from a drunk-driving arrest last December. The charges included DUI, careless driving and a liquor law violation.

According to police reports, the Raleigh mayor was arrested on December 9th of last year. The arresting officer reported that the man was "drunk off whiskey."

The mayor was sentenced to two days in jail and more than $1800 in fines and assessments. Because this was his first DUI offense, the charge was considered a misdemeanor.

Court documents reveal that the judge issued specific fines and assessments relating to the charges of careless driving and possession of alcohol. The mayor will be charged a $100 fine and $94.50 assessment for the careless driving charge. The possession of alcohol charge comes with a $300 fine and a $122 assessment.

Despite pleading not guilty to all three charges, the mayor of Raleigh was unable to prove his innocence and was convicted on all counts. This high-profile case seems to disprove the allegation that North Carolina does not punish drunk drivers.

When the mayor of a major North Carolina city gets arrested and convicted for DUI, it shows that anyone else could as well. This is all the more reason that anyone who gets charged with DUI in North Carolina is in need of a good criminal defense attorney.

Source:, "Raleigh mayor to spend 2 days in jail," Charlotte Graham, 14 April 2011

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