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Here comes prom, and drunk driving

Fatal Vision goggles make everything dark green when looking through them, and everything also looks much closer than it really is. These goggles simulate conditions when someone is drunk and behind the wheel of a car. With prom coming up for many high school students across North Carolina, students are getting a crash course on the dangers of drunk driving.

One North Carolina high school student was put through the course. She wore Fatal Vision goggles and drove a golf cart around bright yellow cones and traffic signs. At the end of the course, she turned around to survey the damage. There were enough yellow cones plowed over that she said, "I don't drink anyway, but it does make you think about prom," as reported by Jordon-Ashley Baker of The Star. "I won't be riding with anyone who's drinking."

Police officer Jody Seagle rode with the students as they drove the golf cart. She reported gripping onto hand rails as the students either drove too fast or went around curves poorly or both. She must have worried that the golf cart would tip over. Another police officer, D.P. Howell, said of the exercise, "We try to do it as close to their proms as we can. That way, it's fresh on their minds."

A totaled car that had been involved in a drunk-driving accident, complete with an outline on the metal where the so-called "Jaws of Life" was used to extract the occupants, served as an on-site visual for the students as they waited their turn to use the Fatal Vision goggles and drive the golf cart.

Source: The Star, "In midst of prom season, students learn dangers of drinking and driving," Jordon-Ashley Baker, May 4, 2011

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