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North Carolina headed toward a possible end to red-light ticket cameras

As Keith Goble reports on Land Line Magazine, there are 21 states that allow what Goble characterizes as "automatic enforcement" of certain traffic violations - most people think of red-light ticket cameras in this context. (Conversely, Goble writes that 10 states have outlawed ticket cameras.)

Soon to join these 10 states is North Carolina. In addition to North Carolina, there are three other states that currently have legislation pending that would in some manner outlaw red-light ticket cameras.

The North Carolina legislature has proposed a bill that would require the removal of red-light ticket cameras in any intersection in the state. Currently, there are 20 cities or towns in the state that use these ticket cameras.

And it seems as though the critics of automated ticket cameras - who generally claimed that these were nothing more than revenue-generating tools for local governments - were right. In those North Carolina cities where ticket cameras were operated, after a ruling required the revenue from these cameras to be used for education, these same cities stopped using the cameras.

The bill is SB187, and for any driver who has been unfairly targeted by red-light ticket cameras, the absence of automated enforcement will be a relief.

One of the problems arising from automated enforcement of traffic violations, for example, is the rather large issue of inferring guilt of the infraction to the owner of the vehicle, without verifying whether or not the driver who committed the alleged violation was the owner of the car.

Source: Land Line Magazine, "States pursue limits, end to ticket cameras," Keith Goble, 05/19/11

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