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Operation Road Watch begins in North Carolina

Operation Road Watch started (just this last Tuesday) on May 10, and North Carolina State Troopers will be on the highways looking for traffic violations. As reported by the Salisbury Post, Highway Patrol Officer Michael Gilchrist said, "The Highway Patrol is responding to the increase of big truck crashes on our highways. We are going to make the highways as safe as possible. I have instructed our troopers to aggressively crack down on commercial motor vehicle violations."

There are more than 40 comments on the Salisbury Post article. Many of them - as can be expected - are political, and tend to criticize the State Patrol as just another "failed agency," concerned with relatively minor things like traffic violations, rather than arresting people for serious crimes and taking them to jail.

But as one commenter wrote, who held himself out as a big rig commercial truck driver, the State Patrol conducts safety inspections for a reason. He writes, "It is for your safety that these truckers must endure these routine inspections."

Either way, motor vehicle violations like those involving commercial trucks can put your commercial driver's license at risk, depending on the circumstances. It is important to seek the help of a criminal defense and traffic violations attorney to defend your right to drive and make a living.

Source: Salisbury Post, "Troopers on lookout for trouble," May 10, 2011

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