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The web, technology and fake IDs may not outwit North Carolina's driver's licenses

It seems as though would-be underage drinkers in North Carolina will have a tougher time than underage drinkers in other states in getting alcohol using fake identification. Using a fake ID in North Carolina and participating in underage drinking can lead to minor in alcohol consumption charges.

As Jamie Boll reports on WBTV 3 News, North Carolina is introducing a vertical driver's license for those under age 21, which presumably means that the orientation on the driver's license is vertical instead of horizontal, making it much easier for a clerk working behind the counter or a bartender to ascertain whether or not the person presenting his or her ID is of legal age.

In addition to vertical driver's licenses for those under age 21, North Carolina's driver's licenses include holograms, which make these IDs much tougher to fake.

As Boll reports, North Carolina teens seek to get around these restrictions by purchasing fake IDs online from out-of-state providers. Most providers these days are online. And online providers get around potential legal pitfalls by verifying with customers that fake IDs will be used as "novelties." That is how fake IDs tend to be sold-and so far it has worked.

So, states like North Carolina are beginning to take additional steps to make identification harder to fake-although you can imagine that it is an effort that will never end. As Web technology continues to evolve, so will ways to obtain fake IDs.

As Boll reports, Chief Mike Crawley explained, "There are some very good IDs that you look at and they're almost impossible to tell that they're fraudulent. They're so good with the Internet today."

But, despite evolving ways to get fake IDs, North Carolina law regarding underage drinking remains the same: minor consumption of alcohol charges.

Source: WBTV 3 News, "Fake IDs offered to teens online," Jamie Boll, May 18, 2011

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