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Two new penalties for driving with driver's license revoked

The North Carolina legislature has voted on additional penalties for driving with driver's license revoked, including minimum fines and vehicle forfeiture. For an offense that is classified as a criminal misdemeanor charge, rather than a simple traffic violation, this recent legislation heightens the consequences of an offense that is already pretty severe in its penalties.

From years added to an original driver's license revocation to insurance rate increases to even possible jail time, driving with driver's license revoked (also known as driving during revocation) is a relatively serious criminal misdemeanor.

Regarding this new legislation, the particularly concerning penalty is the motor vehicle forfeiture, which may now occur after two prior convictions for driving while license revoked. Given that many North Carolina residents may not even know that their driver's license has been revoked to begin with - because of points on the license or not paying fines - vehicle forfeiture seems like a pretty severe consequence for this offense.

In recent news regarding driving with driver's license revoked offenses, a North Carolina man named Andre Grover rear-ended another car at 80 miles per hour, purportedly because his passenger had been shot and Grover needed to find help. Grover was charged with driving with a revoked license and failure to reduce speed. If this was Grover's second offense of driving while license revoked, he may find his car forfeited to the state if he gets behind the wheel again and is caught.

Source: WRAL News, "Wreck victim who banged on doors had been shot," Anne Johnson, 5/15/11

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