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North Carolina makes possession of 'spice' and bath salts illegal

Synthetic marijuana (street name "spice") and bath salts are two recreational drugs that have been in the news lately. As Shelley Smith reports for the Salisbury Post, a number of incidents involving these drugs have surfaced, leading the North Carolina legislature to pass laws against possession and use of both spice and bath salts.

Spice, for example, is synthetic marijuana, but a charge of spice possession would be similar to typical marijuana possession. Smith reports that spice has a low abuse potential, and will be classified as such.

Bath salts, however, will get the Schedule I classification, due to the high abuse potential inherent in the drug.

Sheriff Kevin Auten said, "The instances with folks using these items seems to be increasing rapidly," as Smith reports, and he goes on to say that "Officers are thinking about calls in the past where individuals were paranoid and acting very strange with hallucinations. These were not documented as bath salts or synthetic marijuana, but very well could have been."

Auten also said, "It is amazing what people are willing to put in their bodies."

Smith details three recent incidents involving these drugs:

  • Teens injecting bath salts in their arms
  • Police officers chasing a man high on spice who thought the U.S. was being invaded by aliens
  • Bath salts that likely caused the deaths of two college students

Smith says that the CDC does not believe bath salts have any "legitimate use for bathing" and are made for one purpose: drug use.

Source: Salisbury Post, "Synthetic marijuana, 'bath salts' outlawed," by Shelley Smith, 6/2/11

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