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North Carolina residents arrested for shooting bath salts

As Chris Dyches reports for Statesville News, three North Carolina men were caught shooting bath salts. One is 18-years-old; the two others are both age 20. All three of them, according to police, were "very nervous and seemed to be very impaired."

One of the men was charged for driving with a revoked license, but that was the least of his concerns, as he was also charged with carrying a concealed weapon (presumably the loaded Glock .40 caliber handgun that police found inside the car).

Bath salts are not yet illegal, but as Dyches reports, the Centers for Disease Control states that telephone calls to poison control centers across the nation are already at five times the amount in 2011 than in 2010, as people seek ways to get a "legal high."

Wilmington Treatment Center medical director Dr. Ben Gottschalk says that people "crave for it and can't get away from it. I've seen people with marks all up their arms because they couldn't stop shooting it."

Bath salts, when snorted, injected or smoked, alter neurotransmitters in the brain and produce a high similar to LSD, ecstasy and cocaine - "all in one," according to Dyches, but doing so is extremely addictive and damaging to health.

Source: Statesville News, "Teen, 2 others charged after injecting bath salts into their arms, sheriff says," by Chris Dyches, 5/30/11

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