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North Carolina man gets fourth DWI on moped

According to police officer J.S. Covington, a 49-year-old man named Ernest Lamb was "obviously impaired" as Lamb straddled his moped at an intersection in a K-mart parking lot, Lindell Kay reports for the Jacksonville Daily News. It was Lamb's fourth DWI arrest.

Officer Covington also said Lamb was "unsteady on his feet," as Kay reports, and Covington found a pint of vodka in Lamb's pocket during a body search.

Now Lamb has been sentenced for up to 23 months in prison, serving time in the Pender County Correctional Institution.

And, because the court of appeals recently ruled "no error" in Lamb's trial - Lamb appealed his conviction based on the fact that he was arrested in a parking lot and argued that the police did not have jurisdiction to arrest him - it looks like Lamb will continue to serve out his time.

Even though Lamb was on a moped, his DWI arrest was the fourth one (Lamb had three prior DWI convictions in 1994, 1996 and 1998) which made it a felony.

Source: Jacksonville Daily News, "Appeal denied in moped DWI," by Lindell Kay, 07/06/11

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