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A North Carolina commissioner and Wild Irish Rose

This most recent conviction is Rowan County Commissioner Jon Barber's second conviction of DWI. The first DWI conviction arose out of a 2008 incident where a police officer found Barber passed out in his car. In this second incident, Barber drove his car into a ditch and was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving.

As the Salisbury Post reports, Barber admitted to having a problem with alcohol addiction in 2010. He had been accused of being drunk in the classroom and quit his job as a teacher.

And then a liquor store employee says he caught Barber stealing a bottle of Wild Irish Rose (a bottle of wine) and drinking it on a Sunday morning in the store bathroom. Barber was charged with misdemeanor theft in connection with that incident.

Fortunately, Barber entered a treatment program for an extended period of time and will hopefully get the help he needs.

Online readers' comments to the story range from outraged ("You can best believe I will vote against [Barber] and the judge that issued this sentence," referring to a sentence of unsupervised probation) to measured ("Most DWI defendants at this level receive supervised probation because they do little, if anything, to overcome their alcoholism").

Source: Salisbury Post, "Jon Barber pleads guilty to DWI," 08/15/11

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