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Monitech sues North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles

Monitech, a firm that makes ignition interlock devices that thwart attempted drunk driving - the only firm to provide ignition interlock devices for all of North Carolina since 1989, as Michael Biesecker reports for the Houston Chronicle - has sued the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles and Commissioner Mike Robertson after its contract with the state wasn't renewed.

Monitech wanted a three-year contract renewal (which it didn't get) and now faces competitive challenges from Smart Start, Inc. and other firms. Smart Start also sued the North Carolina DMV in 2010, claiming that Monitech was the only firm that could win a contract based on North Carolina's peculiar bid requirements.

But it's not just the bid requirements that call fairness into question.

Part of Monitech's lawsuit alleges politicians' ties to Law Enforcement Associates, a firm with the following people as its investors:

  • Former Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand
  • Former DMV Commissioner George Tatum
  • Former Gov. Mike Easley
  • Current Gov. Bev Perdue

Monitech's refusal to allow itself to be bought out by Law Enforcement Associates forms the partial basis for its complaint.

Source: Houston Chronicle, "Maker of anti-DWI ignition locks sues NC DMV," by Michael Biesecker, 08/24/11

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