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'Quality buds' from California found in North Carolina

Last week a young couple from Hickory, North Carolina, was arrested on felony charges of marijuana possession with intent to sell. It all began when someone in the neighborhood complained about lots of vehicle traffic, according to reporters at FOX Charlotte, prompting narcotics agents to come knocking.

A 22-year-old man opened the door (emitting a "very strong odor of marijuana") to find agents standing on his doorstep. He promptly backed away, locked the door, and ran toward the back of the residence, but the agents were able to get into the house and arrest both the man and his 25-year-old girlfriend.

The police later searched the home and found roughly two pounds of cannabis, cash and firearms. And, according to FOX Charlotte, agents believe the marijuana to be "high grade quality buds" originally from California and worth more than $5,000.

Sheriff Alan Jones said, "You never know what to expect when someone opens their door. You have to be ready for anything. This was a good investigation that resulted in favorable results."

As we've pointed out before, high-end cannabis may be legal in California, at least when it comes to a prescription for medical use, but it's not legal in North Carolina.

Source: FOX Charlotte, "Hickory Couple Arrested on Marijuana Charges," 7/28/11

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