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Underage drinking can be expensive

As Jinny Oh reports for Reese News, underage drinking can be much more expensive than the seven dollars it costs for a six-pack of beer. "Students think a drinking ticket is like a parking ticket, but it's not. They have been charged with a criminal misdemeanor," says a lawyer with the University of North Carolina Student Legal Services.

According to that lawyer, an underage drinking ticket is $500, excluding court fees and associated expenses. And if the student is caught drinking underage and used a fake ID, that student can catch two misdemeanor charges.

On top of that, underage drinking can lead to a semester's worth of school suspension, depending on the circumstances.

The Legal Services lawyer asks, "Is it worth the hassle? Is this one beer really worth facing criminal charges?"

As Oh reports, incoming freshman students spend an average of roughly 10 hours drinking and partying per week, compared to roughly eight hours per week studying.

One student says, "It's a transition problem... In college, whatever students want to do with their lives, they have that freedom."

Source: Reese News, "The true cost of drinking," by Jinny Oh, 08/15/11

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