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Cops eat arrestee's pot brownies

After 19-year-old Nicholas Hill was arrested for drug possession - Hill apparently had pot brownies - the police took those brownies and ate them, he claims.

Seeming to substantiate Hill's claim are text messages. As Simon McCormack writes for the Huffington Post, one police officer's text goes: "So HIGH ... Good munchies."

Hill's defense attorney says, "If we have police destroying evidence or maybe not following the rules that they need to be following, that brings into question the integrity of the system and everything these guys have done, possibly."

You can say that again.

Unless more facts are brought to light, a reasonable prediction would be that Hill's case will be dismissed.

Source: Huffington Post, "Cops Accused of Eating Man's Pot Brownies, Bragging About It," by Simon McCormack, 09/27/11

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