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Drug charges dropped against rapper Wiz Khalifa

East Carolina University was host to rapper Wiz Khalifa and nine others for a November 2011 show, as James Montgomery reports for MTV News. After the show, Khalifa was arrested and got hit with serious drug charges, including felony marijuana trafficking.

The police had searched his tour bus (apparently while the show was in progress) and discovered the marijuana - a little more than two ounces.

But two ounces of marijuana isn't enough to sustain a trafficking charge. As Montgomery reports, three of Khalifa's friends pled guilty to misdemeanor marijuana possession and paid their $1,000 in court costs.

The arrest of Khalifa and the nine others for marijuana wasn't the only negative thing that happened to them. In-house attorney Keith Stroup for the marijuana advocacy group NORML said, "The magistrate or someone at that office must have misread the statute."

Khalifa had to post a $300,000 bond, way above and beyond what should have been required based on the "actual nature of the charges." (Based on the actual nature of the charges, Stroup thought bond should've been a mere $1,000.)

Source: MTV News, "Wiz Khalifa Cleared of Felony Marijuana Charges," by James Montgomery, 09/08/11

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