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It's difficult for lawmakers to ban synthetic drugs

South Carolina may soon follow in the footsteps of North Carolina by banning synthetic marijuana and bath salts. If a ban occurs, getting caught with synthetic marijuana or bath salts will likely lead to drug possession charges, with very similar consequences.

Synthetic marijuana is known as "spice," and bath salts are generally considered to produce a high similar to cocaine. Bath salts are smoked or snorted.

Both spice and bath salts are difficult for lawmakers to outlaw because of the ingredients that make up these substances, as Ellen Meder reports for WSPA Channel 7 News.

In addition to the ingredients, the packages themselves are labeled "not for human consumption," and are sold in places like convenience stores and smoke shops.

"We are in discussions and trying to work out the best way to change the scheduling," says Department of Health and Environmental Control representative Adam Myrick.

Source: WSPA Channel 7 News, "SC Could Be Next To Ban Synthetic Marijuana, Cocaine," by Ellen Meder, 09/22/11

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