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North Carolina suspends NASCAR driver's license

If you go 128 miles per hour on a 45 mile per hour speed limit, as The Week reports NASCAR driver Kyle Busch was doing on a rural North Carolina road, something's going to happen to you for the traffic violation - whether or not you're used to going those speeds on a racetrack.

Busch got his driver's license suspended for 45 days for the incident, along with a hefty fine and hours of community service.

But what has commentators speaking up is that Busch gets to keep racing, despite the driver's license suspension.

Commentators from ESPN to the Los Angeles Times weigh in on whether NASCAR should revise its current rules, which do not require a NASCAR driver to pass a basic driver's test. The "racetrack and the highway are two very different ways of driving," says NASCAR, according to The Week.

ESPN's David Newton says, "Absolutely," that Busch might not have gone on his joyride if such behavior would've threatened his livelihood.

But the Los Angeles Times's Barry Stavro says that Busch got the same as anyone else would get under the law.

Source: The Week, "Irony alert: NASCAR driver's license suspended for speeding," 08/26/11

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