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Police raid in North Carolina nets thousands in pot, paraphernalia

"It's everywhere. It's in all of our schools. As citizens, we need to be aware of our surroundings. It could be in any neighborhood in the county," says Police Captain Cody Luke, as WSOC Charlotte reports, in connection with a $60,000 marijuana drug bust.

Cody's words are scarier than they need to be - and are illustrative of the kind of hype and hysteria that can surround marijuana charges - especially considering the growing trend among states to legalize marijuana for purposes of legitimate pain relief.

In addition to that trend, the people accused in this case seem not to be violent criminals, as some might immediately suspect. It's a couple living in a "high-end" neighborhood with two young children, suspected of having run a "sophisticated" marijuana operation out of their home.

A police raid resulted in $60,000 of pot, plus drug paraphernalia and equipment.

But neighbors describe the couple as "friendly neighbors and loving parents," as WSOC Charlotte reports. The father waited everyday for his son's school bus to arrive. The couple apparently did not raise suspicions (other than the anonymous tipster that lead to the bust).

This is, again, yet more evidence that people accused of crimes are still people, not criminals.

Source: WSOC Charlotte, "Parents arrested in Union County marijuana bust," 09/08/11

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