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'String of bad luck' in Wake Forest basketball includes DWI

As sports blogger Matt Norlander writes for CBS Sports, the loss of Wake Forest collegiate basketball coach Skip Prosser seems to have started a "string of bad luck" from which the team hasn't been able to fully recover. (Prosser died of a heart attack in 2007.)

This week, far less tragic but no less painful from a basketball standpoint, Wake Forest suffered another loss with the DWI arrest and subsequent end of athlete J.T. Terrell's career at Wake Forest.

And so Norlander writes: "There has been an unintended string of bad luck, bad coaching and poor program management ever since Prosser died."

As for J.T. Terrell, his attorney released a statement coinciding with Terrell's resignation from the team and from the university:

"Due to circumstances surrounding his arrest, along with other recent indicators, it is obvious to J.T. and his family that J.T. suffers from a serious medical condition that requires immediate attention. Consequently, J.T. and his family have authorized me to inform the university, Athletic Director Ron Wellman and Head Coach Jeff Bzdelik of his intent, effective immediately, to resign from the men's basketball team and withdraw from Wake Forest University."

This is a sobering reminder of the consequences of mixing alcohol and driving.

Source: CBS Sports, "Nothing but pain at Wake Forest since Prosser's death," by Matt Norlander, 09/07/11

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