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Cough medicine leads to DWI charge

This case shows exactly how DWI charges don't always come from drinking alcohol.

WCII The Triad News reports that a school bus driver had taken cough medicine (with codeine) and crashed into the back of a stopped vehicle while transporting kids to Cape Fear High and Mac Williams Middle School.

None of the kids on the school bus were hurt (neither was the school bus driver nor the driver who was rear-ended) but the accident did result in charges against the bus driver - in addition to driving while impaired - including failing to reduce speed and reckless driving.

According to WXII The Triad, assistant school superintendant Tim Kinlaw said that the school bus driver had recently had surgery. The procedure apparently required the use of supplemental oxygen, but the driver was not using it, and the longer the driver went without it, the worse the driver's judgment became.

The incident occurred in Cumberland County, North Carolina.

Source: WXII The Triad, "NC School Bus Driver Faces DWI Charge," 10/20/11

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