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Drug busts at the North Carolina State Fair

"People spin around at 60 miles an hour in a circle. You've got to be focused. You can't be on drugs," says state fair ride operator Jake Harrell, as WRAL News reports.

Harrell is referring to the 12 state fair employees who were recently busted for marijuana possession and other drug charges - though no ride operators were among those who were arrested.

Those arrested included concessions and carnival games workers.

As WRAL News reports, the Wake County police maintain a presence in the "small city" that is the North Carolina State Fair, with 70,000 to 150,000 visitors every day.

"We have a lot of undercover agents that you don't see that work the crowds every day."

Referring to drug-related law enforcement, the police go on to say, "We want a safe fair. We see something we think we need to look at, whether it is drugs or whatever it may be, we're going to be aggressive on it."

Source: WRAL News, "Dozen State Fair workers face drug-related charges," 10/24/11

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