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'Tooty-fruity, high-octane alcohol drinks' said to promote underage drinking

Eryn Sun reports for the Christian Post that alcohol industry marketers are going after the younger crowd with their so-called alcopops, which the state of North Carolina classifies as malt beverages but may contain levels of alcohol similar to beer.

Sun writes that the alcohol industry intends to sell alcopops to young people; in turn, this has an impact on underage drinking - especially given that some fast food chains are beginning to sell alcopops, as well as wine and beer, in stores.

As Sun reports, a representative of an alcohol industry watchdog group says, "Obviously fast food chains are places that we normally associate kids being in. There's been this eroded division between adult oriented places - restaurants, bars - and more family-friendly, kid-oriented places."

Many people worry that mixing alcohol and fast food is a bad idea. "Fast food is designated because diners are in, out and back on the road in a short period of time. The last thing we need is to add alcohol to the mix to put less than sober drivers on the highway," says Dr. Mark Creech.

Source: Christian Post, "Group Fights Sale of Alcopops, Fast Food Beer," by Eryn Sun, 09/30/11

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