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Attack of the naked drunk driver

"When police made him open his door, it became clear he was completely naked," says Russian television, as Reuters reports. "The most dangerous part was when he almost hit a bus full of school children."

The school bus wasn't the only near-miss. In fact, it appears as though there were plenty of direct hits, according to Reuters, including four police cars, as an alleged drunk driver fled the police halfway across Moscow.

He hit a total of 17 cars in the process.

Reuters reports drivers with "bloodied hands and faces" but no serious injuries, as might be expected during a police chase.

There was a picture of the accused drunk driver "grinning" as he sat in the back seat of a police car. He is said to be in his forties and tests indicated that he had a high level of blood alcohol content.

In North Carolina, injury-causing alcohol-related car accidents generally result in serious Level One or Level Two DWI charges.

Source: Reuters, "Naked and drunk motorist crashes into 17 cars," by Amie Ferris-Rotman, 10/31/11

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