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First the ignition interlock, now alcohol anklets

As Suzanne Kane reports for the Family Car Guide, the North Carolina state legislature's passage of Laura's Law in 2011 - a law that increases the penalties for so-called "hard core" drunk drivers - makes the state of North Carolina the latest in a string of other states to enhance penalties for those accused of repeat DUI offenses and those drivers who are found to have very high blood alcohol content.

The ignition interlock, a device that prevents the car from starting up if the would-be driver has been drinking, might soon be playing second fiddle to the newest thing on the market: the alcohol anklet.

As Kane reports, some people are able to "skirt" the ignition interlock device requirements (though Kane does not explain how), not to mention the time and costs associated with installing and maintaining the device - costs which must be paid by the driver after a DUI conviction.

The alcohol anklet seems to be the next step in drunk-driving legislation, which ratchets up the monitoring. With the ignition interlock, the device registers and records when a would-be driver attempts to start his car when he's been drinking.

But the alcohol anklet appears to monitor a person 24 hours a day.

Source: Family Car Guide, "Alcohol Anklets To Help Stop Hard Core Drunk Drivers," by Suzanne Kane, 10/19/11

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