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In two days: Laura's Law on DWI goes into effect

As Kay Johnson reports for WBTV 3 News, Laura's Law takes effect in December, which makes the law tougher when it comes to prison time, fines and the alcohol anklet, making North Carolina one of several states that have recently made laws against repeat DWI and other types of drunk driving cases tougher.

Those drivers convicted of repeat drunk driving might now be required to wear the alcohol anklet for up to three years, as opposed to the prior 60-day requirement.

One North Carolina legislator said, "And the reason we did this in Laura's Law is because the fellow who killed her was on one of those monitoring devices and when he was on it, he was doing well and when he came off of it is when he started drinking again and unfortunately started driving again."

Laura's Law was passed in honor of 17-year-old Laura Fortenberry, who was killed by a driver with three prior DWI convictions on his record.

Source: WBTV 3 News, "Laura's Law to take effect Dec 1, harsher punishments for repeat drunk drivers," by Kay Johnson, 11/28/11

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