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11 texts in 11 minutes

Talk about distracted driving: this distraction was manual, cognitive and visual, according to the National Transportation Safety Board, as David Kiley reports for AOL Autos. And the cause of a highway pile-up that claimed the lives of two people was a cause none other than texting while driving, which will now lead to a citation in North Carolina.

In fact, it was 11 texts in 11 minutes, just prior to the fatal Missouri accident in 2010.

Now, the NTSB is calling on states to outlaw all use of phones while driving, from handheld phones to hands-free headsets, from smart phones to the "dumb" ones.

North Carolina has already banned texting while driving (as well as surfing the Web or checking email) and infractions can result in a monetary fine.

And the North Carolina legislature may very well ratchet up the penalties for texting while driving and other forms of distracted driving, in response to accidents such as the one that happened in Missouri, in the 2012 legislative session or beyond.

If you received a citation for texting while driving, you may also have been involved in a traffic accident, or you were issued other citations for speeding or reckless driving - all of which can lead to serious consequences in terms of your driver's license.

Source: Texting Teenager Responsible for Deadly Highway Pile-up

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