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Young man throws eggs, gets busted for underage drinking

A 19-year-old North Carolina man was throwing eggs out of his apartment window. Understandably, someone noticed, and called the cops on him.

When the cops arrived, they thought he seemed intoxicated, according to the Athens Banner-Herald, and the 19-year-old ultimately got busted for underage drinking.

But that's not all.

This unlucky soul admitted to cops in the hallway that he'd been throwing the eggs - but then the cops "noticed" a small amount of marijuana in his apartment - meaning probably that the door had been left open, allowing the cops a clear view inside his apartment.

This case reminds us of traditional police search and seizure cases, in which the issue falls on whether or not law enforcement had authority to search the 19-year-old's apartment.

If the door was left open, and the cops could plainly see the marijuana, it makes his case a bit more difficult.

Source: Egg toss lands 19-year-old in jail

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