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Police: Domino's Pizza manager sold more than just pizzas

The manager of a North Carolina Domino's Pizza franchise thought he had a clever way of delivering an additional product to his customers. Unfortunately, instead of a big tip, the man was handed a number of criminal charges including drug possession.

The 29-year-old man was allegedly selling marijuana out of his pizza restaurant. The marijuana was packaged in plastic and sold for cash right over the counter at the Domino's. He would seal up the marijuana in empty pizza boxes, which he would then sell to an informant.

The informant eventually approached police with information on the man. It is unknown what prompted the informant to seek out investigators in order to turn the man in, but the police then began following the man's actions. They allege that the pizza manager sold marijuana to the informant three times in a several weeks. The last two deliveries came in the empty pizza boxes.

While this may have been enough for police to seek charges, it is reported that investigators then went through the man's trash. They claim they found evidence of drug activity in the trash and therefore were able to obtain a search warrant for the man's house. They ended up collecting nearly 40 grams of marijuana. Whether or not the search warrant was obtained and executed legally remains to be seen.

Ultimately, the man was charged with marijuana possession with intent to distribute, selling marijuana, and maintaining a house that kept and sold controlled substances.

In cases similar to this one, it may be very important to carefully examine the procedures and tactics used by the police to collect evidence. An attorney who understands the laws of marijuana possession may be able to uncover unlawful practices such as illegal searches. Seeking help sooner rather than later may make a big difference when it comes to specifying charges and negotiating sentences.

Source: WTVD-TV, "Police: Domino's manager sold marijuana," Feb. 21, 2012

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