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Search of North Carolina home uncovers 1,000 pounds of marijuana

Charges of drug trafficking are to be taken quite seriously in North Carolina. Even a first-time conviction of simple drug possession can result in jail time and fines. Each additional arrest significantly increases penalties. Because charges of drug trafficking typically involve much larger amounts of drugs, the consequences of this type of conviction are even more serious.

For many years, the federal government has been cracking down on even minor drug offenders. It is typically more beneficial for a person accused of a drug crime to retain the help of a lawyer. It is important to remember that a person facing charges of drug possession or trafficking still has rights that need to be observed. In some situations, a person's rights may have been violated in the form of an illegal search of property. Under such circumstances, any evidence found during that search could be disputed and thrown out.

Authorities recently carried out a search at the North Carolina home of two undocumented men. During the search, they found over 1,500 pounds of marijuana and about $600,000 in cash. The two men were arrested and charged with drug trafficking. Details about the cause for and execution of the search were not made available.

According to reports, the men were told that they have the right to obtain an attorney. Both men waived these rights. The fact is that the men are in the United States illegally and were found with an enormous supply of illegal drugs. Other people who may be in a similar situation would almost certainly want to speak with an attorney since the penalties of a conviction could last a lifetime.

Source: WITN, "NC Lawmen Seize 1,000 Pounds Of Marijuana From Illegal Immigrants," Feb. 27, 2012

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