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Three UNC students arrested for drug possession

College students frequently use college as a time for engaging in the new activities and trying out new things. It may also be a time that kids make mistakes and start to learn their lessons in a more difficult manner. Whatever the charges, a student arrest can be very disappointing and disrupting.

A large percentage of college students enter school as both a student and an athlete. The pressures and stress that student athletes may feel can sometimes be overwhelming and performance in one area or the other may suffer. A student may also be overcome with responsibilities and end up making poor decisions as a reaction.

Three University of North Carolina students were arrested last weekend when police found drug paraphernalia in their possession. Of the three who were arrested, two of them were former football players for the school. The third student was formerly a cross-country runner.

It is unknown what prompted the police to approach the students in the first place. They were reportedly on the top level of a parking ramp after 1 a.m. when police confronted them. Details of the search of the students were also not released. However, the police charged each person with felony cocaine possession and trespassing. Two of the students were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia as well.

Students at UNC who are convicted of certain drug offenses face extremely serious consequences. Besides legal punishments such as fines and possible jail time, a student may lose scholarships or other financial aid.

None of the students appear to have a criminal background. Just because a student makes a mistake, he or she may not deserve to face long-term consequences that may be assigned. Challenging the police procedures leading up to a charge and emphasizing a positive background may be important ways to avoid severe penalties.

Source: WTVD, "UNC students arrested for cocaine," Feb. 4, 2012

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