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North Carolina airline worker sentenced for conspiracy

Did you know that you do not even need to be in possession of drugs to be associated with drug trafficking? Sometimes, just doing a simple favor or bringing money to someone is enough to give police a reason to arrest a person. Anyone who believes he or she may face drug charges for any act related to transporting drugs may want to speak with an attorney as soon as possible.

Recently, a North Carolina woman was arrested and sentenced for the role she played in a potential drug transaction. She was an employee at U.S. Airways and police discovered that she was working with a drug dealer to transport marijuana out of New York.

According to sources, the woman was trying to get the man a ticket under her stepson's name so that he would be undetected. She was also involved in obtaining a fraudulent birth certificate for the 31-year-old man.

The woman pled guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud. She was given two years on probation for her actions related to trafficking. At least one other airport employee, a Transportation Security Administration officer, was also charged for his or her role in helping the man transporting the marijuana.

At the center of all this is the man with the drugs. He was convicted of marijuana trafficking and will be sentenced in June.

Often, transporting marijuana - especially in large amounts - involves a number of accomplices. In some situations, a person may not be fully aware of what they can be charged with. They may think that because they are only doing one small thing they will not be charged. However, when police are trying to identify a drug trafficking ring, they will often arrest any person who they believe may have anything to do with the criminal activity.

This is why it can make a great difference in a person's defense to seek legal representation as soon as he or she feels that there may be a drug investigation going on.

Source: Fox 8 WGHP, "Probation for NC ex-airline worker in NY drug case," Joe Borlik, April 11, 2012

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