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Stash of 150 pounds of marijuana ruled inadmissible

The importance of police procedure during a drug arrest is not to be overlooked. Just because a person is suspected of drug possession or drug trafficking does not mean he or she is does not have any rights anymore. In the process of pursuing drug charges in North Carolina, ensuring that a person's rights are not violated is very important.

Recently, police discovered over 150 pounds of marijuana in a man's car. They pulled him over and received consent from the driver to search his car. A drug-sniffing dog located the drugs and the man was arrested. However, a judge just ruled that the 150-pound stash could not be used against the man in court. How was this possible?

According to reports, the police had long suspected the man of trafficking drugs between Chicago and his home state. Without his consent, police equipped the man's car with a GPS device to track his behavior. After they tracked him returning from a trip to Chicago, police prepared to stop him for a routine traffic stop and they would be able to catch him with the drugs.

Because the police did not have the man's consent to install the GPS on his car, however, they were violating the man's protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. Therefore, anything uncovered in an illegal search could be dismissed. The ruling was made by the U.S. Supreme Court and declares that attaching a GPS device without a person's knowledge is unlawful. This ruling will likely affect similar cases across the entire country.

Scrutinizing the cause for and exercise of an arrest can be very important for a person facing serious drug charges. In this case, the marijuana was the only evidence against the man. Without that evidence, the case against the man is significantly weakened and the charges may be dropped altogether.

Source: WCSC, "US judge: GPS use illegal in Kentucky drug bust," Brett Barrouquere, May 24, 2012

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