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Thinking of ignoring your traffic tickets? You should think again

At the very least, getting pulled over and ticketed for speeding or texting while driving can be quite irritating. At the most, however, it can also increase insurance premiums and may affect a person's driving privileges. In situations when a person who is ticketed is not planning on staying in a North Carolina jurisdiction for long, he or she may wrongly believe that they can ignore the traffic ticket or citation and nothing will happen.

In reality, however, a person who fails to pay a traffic ticket can end up with far more serious penalties in the long run. A college football player for Auburn was recently arrested in Louisiana. What was his crime? He failed to pay for parking tickets he had received in high school.

The player was riding in a car that was pulled over by police. When the officer ran the player's license through their system, it was discovered that the young man had two warrants out for his arrest. Apparently, the student did not pay the tickets before he left for college. But just because he left the state and went away to college did not mean that the tickets went away too.

Even after he paid the outstanding fines for a handful of parking and traffic violations, the player was still arrested for the warrants that had been issued for his failure to appear in court for the tickets. He had to inform his coaches of his arrest, though he is still in good standing with his team.

Situations like this can be easily prevented by dealing with traffic tickets in a timely manner. They will not just go away on their own. However, because there can be a wide array of consequences related to traffic violations, it may be beneficial to meet with an attorney. There may be ways to have tickets reduced or dismissed so that fines are not increased and driving privileges are not suspended.

Source: CFT, "Old parking ticket nets Auburn's Trovon Reed an arrest," John Taylor May 14, 2012

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